What we do

  • Understand

    Are you concerned about what has changed or will be changing at your quarry? Meet with expert application engineering consultants to better understand your current situation and help achieve your goals.

  • Study

    Virtually or in-person, Smart Quarry consultants dive deep into your operation to learn your current situation, study your processes and create the best solution.

  • Recommend

    Help maximize your fleet's potential by speaking with a Smart Quarry consultant who has an in-depth knowledge of Komatsu's full range of digital solutions. Our experts will recommend a plan to help you take the next step in improving your mine's performance.

  • Help you Achieve your Goals

    Make informed, intelligent production forecasts by monitoring and tracking your fleet with Komatsu's digital solutions. Talk to a Smart Quarry consultant today to help reduce your fleet costs and increase your productivity.

Get a total understanding of your site as your quarry grows and changes, fleets age or production demands increase.

Key Features:

  • Gain confidence in your equipment purchases
  • Customize your mobile equipment options for each job site
  • Obtain a total view of your operation, providing valuable insight to help you reach your goals

Komatsu Smart Quarry Site is a total fleet management system that allows you to monitor your entire production fleet. With real-time overviews, you have access to each machine’s job, production, fuel consumption and more.

Key Features:

  • Oversee your entire site (or multiple sites) in real time, on-premises or remotely (via a map-based app)
  • Assess each machine's health and safety aspects with a fleet-focused dashboard
  • Visualize the fleet's productivity and find areas to improve with utilization dashboards