Helping Quarry customers Optimize their site

Chosing the right fleet

In today's market, every penny counts. Smart Quarry is a team of expert application engineering consultants with the goal of helping you get the most from your quarry. This starts by understanding the challenges that you're facing as well as the current - and future - goals you are trying to reach. The result is a customized recommendation for your site that can include the optimal fleet, cost per ton of material moved, and options for what to do as your site changes over time.

Getting the most out of the fleet

Do you think you can be doing more with the equipment you already have? Smart Quarry's digital solutions can help you answer these questions and more. By understanding your job, your challenges, and your goals, Smart Quarry can connect you with the best digital solution to help you get the most out of your equipment and operators.

What You Can Expect

In-depth analysis

Wheather in-person, or remote, Smart Quarry application engineers want to know as much about your site as possible. They go beyond just looking at one aspect of the operation and instead try to understand everything about it. This in-depth approach is best done in-person, but can be achieved remotely through detailed conversations and local support.

Data you can use

The data is only useful if it is understood. Smart Quarry hosts a conversation to discuss results, and reach a mutual understanding of the how and why a conclusion was made. One-page summaries make it easy to share internally and log the recommendation. SQ consultants try to look beyond just the numbers and apply those to your site in the real world.


  • Minimal impact to your operation with most visits taking about half a day
  • Production estimates based on fleet size
  • Actionable data to help select the right size equipment
  • Cost per ton (or yard) of material moved based on the fleet
  • Useable, understandable report detailing how the conclusions are reached
  • Data to support decisions
  • Brand-agnostic approach without a sales spin
  • Options and information on digital solutions to help your site
  • Potential opportunities for improvement based on detailed site analysis