Smart Construction Aeropoints


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AeroPoints™ are high-precision, smart ground control points, thoughtfully designed for drone beginners, but precise enough for survey veterans. Forget hours with bases and rovers, just layout your AeroPoints and let them do the work. Each AeroPoint includes a solar panel and plug-in charger, battery, GPS, and Wi-Fi inside a fully-sealed, lightweight shell. The real value of AeroPoints comes from their flexibility—use them for ground control, checkpoints, or even as a base station for your flight.

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feature highlights

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Smart Construction Drone acquires the data you need to manage your jobs efficiently and track accurately at a fraction of the time and costs of walking surveys.
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Graphically visualize your design, drone, and machine data to measure cut/fills, quantities, and productivity of your job site.


Use a mobile app to record jobsite activity and analyze your operational costs and efficiencies in near real time.