Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance

Komatsu’s Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance is an easy and affordable way to bring machine guidance technology to any of your standard excavators to improve grading performance and efficiency over the standard machine and/or traditional stake-plus-grade-checker method. By bridging the technology gap, operators now have access to 3D design and topography data to help drive grading accuracy and productivity. With the optional payload monitoring system, the operator has access to payload data which assists them in accurately loading trucks based on its rated payload.
No longer is a GNSS equipped dozer or grade checker needed to keep the excavator on grade; accurate 3D GNSS technology gives the operator all the needed design and position information needed to free up other assets. Digging below grade is wasted production. Minimize over-excavation and leave a smooth surface with a high accuracy guidance system that assists operators from digging below target grade. Avoid major DOT fines from overloaded trucks and provide the operator data regarding how much material has been moved.

Product highlights and benefits

Accuracy with ease though global connection
Accuracy with ease though global connection

No more setting up a laser, grade stakes or bench every time the machine moves. With global navigation satellite system (GNSS), a machine can determine where it is on the job site and what the target grade is to help improve efficiency and drive time savings. 

Economical and powerful
Economical and powerful

Lower the startup costs of bringing technology to your standard excavator — for new and legacy excavators — with compact and modular kits that are professionally-installed and fit most make + models.

Critical insight on demand
Critical insight on demand

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance collects as-built data that can be used for reports to customers and data-driven plans. With seamless integration with Smart Construction Dashboard, monitor machine production and job site progress from the office. 

More data, less effort
More data, less effort

No longer is a GNSS equipped dozer or grade checker needed to keep the excavator on grade; accurate 3D GNSS technology gives the operator all the needed design & position information, so fewer people need to be working on the ground or in the open trench. 

Be confident with loads
Be confident with loads

With the equipped payload monitoring system, avoid major DOT fines from overloaded trucks and the operator has better data about how much material has been moved.

Return on investment


Slope shape final

42% Faster production


Flat surface final

32% Faster production

These return on investment calculations are based on a case study performed by Earth brain Japan . Conditions for both sloped and flat surface studies were independent. The sloped surface study compared two Komatsu PC350LC-8MO excavators, one with 3DMG installed, and one without. The flat surface study compared these two machines, as well as third comparable excavator operating without 3DMG. The machines were operated with identical conditions, and the rate of area graded per hour was calculated. Any ROI information displayed in this website is subject to change based on various factors, including market conditions and any other market conditions. 

How Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance can transform your processes

Digitally transform the traditional grade and stake method

Save time
Save time

No more staking

Improve performance
Improve performance

Always aware of your grade

Save money
Save money

Dig only what's needed

What gets installed

  • 4x IMU'S (sensors) for bucket, arm, boom and body a
  • Controller which serves as brains of equipmentb
  • 2x GNSS antennas for multi-constellation GNSS capabilities c
  • Android tablet which serves as main monitor inside cabd
  • Modem to connect controller and monitor via WiFi signale
  • External radio to connect to job site base station f
  • 2 pressure sensors(optional) for payload g
Whats get Installed


Kits Machine
Small Kit PC78 - PC170 excavator
Medium Kit PC210 - PC290 excavator
Large Kit PC360 - PC490 excavator
Compatibility Integration
iconlightblue All GNSS Satellites (GPS, Glonass, Beidou, QZSS, Galileo)
iconlightblue Network corrections (VRS) with an added sim card
iconlightblue All major project file types. Project converter may be required.
iconlightblue All major base station for corrections
iconlightblue In-field design, flat and three-point sloping plane


"Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance gave me more control over what I was doing, and that is great if I need to overcut, undercut, or dig outside the perimeters of the model. It allows you to cut a guy out, so you can can cut your labor in half. Since you aren't guessing while operating and don't have to wait on someone, you can be more accurate and operate faster. You're going to save at least half your time"

-Justin Raper, Sons Construction

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How the process works

Price, cost installation fee vary by dealer. Installation is done in shop.

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Smart Construction Pilot

Our complimentary companion application for 3D machine guidance.


  • success3D Guidance for in-field design
  • success2D guidance for GPS limited sites
  • successPayload monitoring system
  • successintegrates with Smart Construction suite
  • successRecords as-built data
Organizations that have purchased and are actively using 3DMG on owned machines

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