Smart Construction Fleet

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Optimize your operations by using technology to track real-time activity for any type of machine — loader, dozer, scraper, haul truck, pick-up truck, etc. — without setting foot on the job site. Use the application dashboard to generate detailed reports about routes, cycle times, load counts, machine performance and more so you can make timely adjustments that drive productivity and profitability. 
You need accurate, timely information about job-site activity to optimize operations and interact with stakeholders. Komatsu’s Smart Construction Fleet  technology is designed to collect and analyze data points for the construction industry, from load times to dirt moved and more — and for any make and model in your fleet. 

Feature highlights

Visualize cycle times
Visualize cycle times

Visualize and track your cycle times from your mobile device. Analyzing cycle times from your device makes it easier to measure and manage your operation’s performance on site and identify issues early.

Route tracking
Route tracking

Need to visualize your haul routes? With Smart Construction Fleet you can view drivers’ location history and optimize haul routes with easy-to-use tools.

Real time intelligence
Real time intelligence

Know the location, activity and productivity of your machines in real time. 

Generate reports quickly
Generate reports quickly

Know today the data that can make a difference tomorrow by tracking real-time data points and generating reports as you need them. No more waiting for weekly reports or hand-tallied notes from the field.

no more guesswork
No more guesswork

With automated load counting, there is no need for hand-held tally counters or hashtags on a clipboard — you’ll get data faster and leave less room for human error. 

Check out how our Fleet can transform your work

Traditional process: load count


Smart Construction Fleet process: load count

Stop driving

Eliminate manual processes

Save hours
Accurate data

Digital record keeping

One click
Project health

Real-time data to analyze budget and progress

What’s in the box


  • Smart Construction Fleet device
  • Micro USB to USB type A
  • Accessory plug (cigarette lighter compatible)
  • Two-sided adhesive pad



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